About three and a half years ago I was outside a bar in East Hollywood with one of my best friends, Cris Quijada. He was smoking and I was just getting cancer for free. We had just got out of our night TV Production class and as it was our tradition we headed for the little bar next door. It was the beginning of a new semester and so there was a new face in our usual group (some would call it a “clique”). This new face came outside with Cris and me, up until that moment I don’t think I had exchanged a word with him, but then he asked me: “hey, what do you think they are talking about” He pointed towards two women across the street. One of them had a dog, and so I said in my best white girl accent (which just comes out as a stronger Russian accent): “I forgot my iPhone in my car, and I had to park so far that I brought my dog with me. You know, gentrification is not complete in the neighborhood” He laughed and said “okay, we can be friends.”

Looking back, that was probably the first story I ever told Kyle and we clicked from there. We started working together in class, we usually just exchanged roles as director/producer and it was clear we were a good match. He then told me about Viwwr.

Viwwr was an exciting idea for someone that has craved the push to start creating. And so with the equipment that we had in our hands we decided we could start creating content. There were meetings after meetings and I can honestly say that I would leave inspired and wanting more from each of them.

We created, worked and even promoted some projects that at the end of the day couldn’t see the light, but as we learned, is just part of this industry that we are part of. Viwwr is a learning curve and the house where our ideas have the chance to be born and become something.

Lesbros Podcast was the first thing we completed. A podcast starring me and Cris where we talk of absolutely everything… and nothing. Mostly TV shows, movies and things Cris hates. I would have never thought that a conversation about nipples outside a metro station would become a podcast (that was a topic we never covered, though). That’s the beauty of Viwwr.

For me, Viwwr was the opportunity to understand why in award shows actors always say “thanks to the crew, we really became a family”. Viwwr was and still is my family, a different kind, one that chose me, understood me, accepted me and made me feel what belonging really meant.

Viwwr is a family of creators, whose ideas are endless and I’m sure as time goes by and this project keeps growing, you will find yourself here too.